A woman puts her organs for sale to settle a debt of about 300,000 euros

A woman puts her organs for sale to settle a debt of about 300,000 euros


A Leonese is willing to ” donate their organs in exchange for financial compensation”, since, as she says, her situation is totally critical, she lives isolated in her house and has a debt that reaches 300,000 euros.

I could be a prostitute but I’m old for it

After working 42 years, IA, she is submerged in an economic and psychological crisis. IA remembers those years when he had an establishment and a bar, his children went to private schools until the economic crisis changed his life in a radical way. He began to lose his business, the furniture of the bar had to sell for about 4,000 euros, of which the Treasury took 3,900 euros.


Of the other business that he owned, in which he had invested some 72,000 euros, and that he avoided losing in the last two years, he had to give everything away from the furniture to the machines and he had to get rid of everything in order to extinguish the contract and with it income and taxes.

Faced with this situation, he went through all the banks and requested all the aid established by the state, in addition to asking for credits from friends . In the face of repeated denials, he has made the most important decision of his life and the one that generates the most controversy.

Unable to sell anything, he has opted for the donation of his organs in exchange for an economic reward, that is, he has put his organs on sale . “When someone comes to this situation is that he has traveled half the world looking for another solution, I could be a prostitute but I am old for it, I could traffic in narcotics, but I can not, it is not my way of life, or I could even beg but I do not “, says IA

It all started when I lost business, I started working 18 hours a day

The only solution he has found for now is “the donation of his organs in exchange for an economic reward”, since he needs to take his children forward. At this time it is the only thing that remains, the other option is less reassuring, it is “a camouflaged suicide, if I kill myself they do not give my daughter money , but if it is a traffic accident yes, there are all the days”.

IA tried to sell the house – to deal with an embargo order – but the appraisal of his house does not cover even a part of the mortgage – since the debt amounts to around 300,000 euros – and she only gets about 150,000 euros for it home.

A sick daughter

The misfortunes say that they do not come alone, in addition to the debt, their daughter is ill . “They are my organs and it’s the only thing I can sell, I do not expect anyone to judge me, since others do worse things, but I feel obliged to take my people forward, it took 42 years to do it,” she says, desperate.

In the face of these adverse circumstances, AI has been in psychiatric treatment for one year. “It all started when I lost business , I started working 18 hours a day, but with all the jobs I did not get a salary of 3,000 euros to deal with monthly letters, seeing this situation I went into depression,” he concludes.

So, so far, it’s the only solution you’ve found, maybe it’s really a cry for help for someone to do something.



If you lacked money, would you be able to try to sell your organs?

I would be able to, but it’s illegal and I would not try.
5.32% (62 votes)
If I did not have another option, I would play it.
22.38% (261 votes)
I would not pledge my health or my freedom for something I can get otherwise. In addition, it is disrespectful to those who have been waiting for an organ for years.
72.3% (843 votes)
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